Albert Omoss

Director / Designer



Albert Omoss is a director, designer, and artist.

As a designer and artist his work often utilizes physical simulation, resulting in a surrealist blending of organic and inorganic. His pieces explore the fragility of the human form, the aesthetic complexity of physical processes, and the relationship between organisms and advanced technologies.

He helped craft the award winning title sequence for FITC Tokyo 2015, and directed the short films Plug Party 2k3, Entangle, and Undercurrents. His experience breaking into the design industry has been featured on Motionographer. He was honored for his film direction work with a place in Saatchi and Saatchi's New Directors Showcase. His pieces have been exibited on numerous platforms worldwide, including the Cannes Film Festival, Adult Swim, and Japanese National Television.

With an intense passion for arresting visual expression, Albert has created design and animation work for many of the most prestigious brands in the world. His clients include Apple, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, MTV, and Nike.