• Studio:Buck
  • Role:Technical Director

The agency approached us with the idea of a fruity summer animation mosaic built from a sea of smoothies. The brief called for a table-top stop-motion shoot and the thousands of cg smoothies would need to intercut with the practical ones shot on set.

I worked to develop a system in Processing to convert After Effects animation to text data representations. Each cell color in the input animation would correspond with a fruit or cup to place at that location in the Maya scene. I also wrote Maya Python tools to set up a particle based instancing system as well as tools to read in the text data generated in Processing and animate the particle instances accordingly.

As a final step to get that traditional stop-motion look, I developed a jittering application that allowed us to apply jitter to objects that were just changed, as well as apply and control random jitter on an object by object basis.


McDonalds still image - /img/med/mcdonalds_med_0000.jpg
McDonalds still image - /img/med/mcdonalds_med_0001.jpg
McDonalds still image - /img/med/mcdonalds_med_0002.jpg
McDonalds still image - /img/med/mcdonalds_med_0003.jpg