• Studio:Buck
  • Role:Technical Director

Get ready to embark on a magical journey into a forest of industrial food production. Buck enlisted my services as technical director, for this spot filled with characters, fur, trees, grass, particles, and cookies.

My role consisted primarily of developing pipeline tools to assist the artists in working on a project of this scale. I developed a robust application for managing and sharing shading setups, as well as a tool for generating and managing the large numbers of mattes required on this project. I also continued to refine my render layer management tool, Brew, which was used extensively on this project by the lighters.

In addition to my work on pipeline tools for this project, I also picked up various tasks, like 2D animation on the end logo, and tracking in projection paint fixes in Nuke.


Keebler still image - /img/med/keebler_med_0000.jpg
Keebler still image - /img/med/keebler_med_0001.jpg
Keebler still image - /img/med/keebler_med_0002.jpg
Keebler still image - /img/med/keebler_med_0003.jpg