• Studio:Buck
  • Role:Code Artist

The team at Buck poured passion into realizing this acidic trip into the mind of the late, great Hunter S. Thompson.

I was tasked to develop a procedural line drawing system that allowed artists to animate paths in After Effects that would then be exported and processed through a custom drawing program built in Processing.

The drawing program generated organic particle animations that would follow the paths of the animated lines. The artists had control over the particle sizes over the length of the line and several parameters that would drive the behavior of the particles.

The system was mostly developed for research purposes, but we did end up using the animations it generated in a few shots.


Goodbooks still image - /img/med/goodbooks_med_0000.jpg
Goodbooks still image - /img/med/goodbooks_med_0001.jpg
Goodbooks still image - /img/med/goodbooks_med_0002.jpg
Goodbooks still image - /img/med/goodbooks_med_0003.jpg