F5 2015 Entangle

  • Role:Director

This is a short film I directed for the F5 2015 Festival in NYC.

The theme of the conference was 'Love'. This is my interpretation of that theme. Thanks to BUCK for the opportunity and the resources to create this film.


Written Treatment

A male and female figure meet in a void of darkness. Their skin is waxy and shiny with oil and sweat. Are they real people or dolls? The figures peer through each others' faces with a blank stare. Their bodies are here but their minds elsewhere.

Driven by an axiomatic attraction, the figures slowly move to feel one another. The female's hand caresses the hand of her companion with an inviting touch. Their limbs move like snakes, unrestricted by bones or joints. Faces touch and smoosh into one another, then bounce back. The more the figures touch, the softer and more vulnerable they become.

Their physical love intensifies. They touch themselves and each other, not knowing where they end and their partner begins. The consequence and intimacy of the interaction escalates. They grab and pull on one another, no longer bouncing back from the touches, but becoming permanently deformed by them.

It's not enough. Not close enough. Not deep enough. Their attraction exceeds the physical limits of their bodies. The female has to know her partner in the most intimate way. She pushes down on his abdomen, forcing her hand inside him.

Concept Art

F5 2015 Entangle still image - /img/large/f52015entangle_large_0000.jpg
F5 2015 Entangle still image - /img/large/f52015entangle_large_0001.jpg
F5 2015 Entangle still image - /img/large/f52015entangle_large_0002.jpg
F5 2015 Entangle still image - /img/large/f52015entangle_large_0003.jpg
F5 2015 Entangle still image - /img/large/f52015entangle_large_0004.jpg