Buck Pipeline

  • Role:Pipeline Architect, Software Engineer

Starting in 2010 I began designing and implementing artist tools at Buck. In the years since I've developed numerous tools and software systems integral to the production process.

Most of these tools are written in Python using PySide or PyQt as the interface toolkit.


The BuckLauncher is a tool for browsing projects and launching applications. It's aware of global and project specific default settings. The BuckLauncher also sets up the machine environment with the correct settings prior to launching project files.


Elon is a tool for managing project specific settings and default applications.


Oracle is a tool for managing machine environments. It also facillitates environments for staging and testing.


Brew is a render layer management application for Maya. Brew supports a robust custom scripting language for object and material selection, a grouping system, and a custom VRay scene processor for light-linking.


BuckBlast is a pipeline-aware playblast generation tool for Maya.


BrainFrame is a live-updating project artwork feed website that runs locally on the Buck network. BrainFrame supports drag and drop image uploading, commenting, tagging, and constant live updates of all activity.

BrainFrame was written primarily in JavaScript using a node.js backend.